Quasar, yet another DIY ambient orb (with wireless!)

This project has been done many times, so I won’t go into much detail. I wanted a general purpose notifier, especially once I built Laundrymon. I figured a box with a high powered RGB LED and an XBee would fit the bill. The enclosure is just a project box with a sheet of cheap copy paper shaped with some wire and hot glue. I added a photoresistor to dim the light in the bedroom at night.

I’m building a couple of these to scatter throughout the house so I always know when the laundry’s done, an email arrives, or whatever else I might want to be notified about.

Important note: I misplaced one of the capacitors when designing the board. It seems to be running well enough with a wire in its place. It’s the one on the right in the lower left corner, above the power connector.

Downloads the source and Eagle files
Buy the PCB from BatchPCB

Quasar in actionQuasar populated board

Quasar breadboard prototypeQuasar PCB design

Quasar schematic

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