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I recently needed to ability to export just addresses from a group in Apple’s Address Book application. While there are a number of solutions out there for exporting data from Apple’s handy Address Book app, none were quite what I was looking for. So, being the developer that I am, I wrote one.

Address Book Exporter is simple to use — just select a group, hit export, and choose a file to export it to. ABE exports to a CSV file ready for use in Excel or other spreadsheet applications. It pays attention to distribution lists — so set up which addresses you want to go with the list in Address Book — go to Edit/Edit Distribution List

Download Address Book Exporter 1.0.1 (35k)

[edit: updated to 1.0.1, which places first and last names in separate columns]

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  1. I clicked the download link, and it was no longer there. This is exactly the app I need though. Any help?

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