Iron Coder v1

Since I won the last Iron Coder competition, I get to run the next one.
And now the next one has a date. Since my birthday is May 18, I thought a celebration was in order.

A celebration of caffeine and feverish. half-finished code.

On Friday, May 19, 6pm EST, an API will be announced.
On Saturday, May 20, 6pm EST, a theme will be announced.
On Sunday, May 21, 6pm EST, judging will begin.

The setup is the same as before. I’ll pick an API and a theme. It’s your job to come up with something cool to earn the title of Iron Coder.

Judging will be based on four criteria:

  • Style
  • Technical expertise
  • Use of API and theme
  • Cool factor

Some rules:

  • The programs must run in their own address space- so that rules out input managers and haxies. The program must also run without authentication.
  • Source code has to be included, and you’ve got to be ok with it being public.
  • New projects only! The idea is to try and cram all development into a 24hr period.
  • If it’s some sort of movie, or something that you have to sit through, it can’t be longer than 1:27 seconds.
  • Files must be under 5mb compressed (for uploading).
  • A quick little blurb on how to run your program, what it does, and how it ties into the theme is probably a good idea.
  • The app has to be totally self contained. We don’t want files littered all over the judge’s system.
  • The judge has to be able to compile the code.
  • Instant disqualification if judge is too scared to run the code.
  • You must be willing to be the next competition’s judge.
  • Unless somebody wants to buy the judge a new Intel Mac, it better run on PPC. Bonus points to anyone who sends the judge hardware.

See you there.

6 thoughts on “Iron Coder v1”

  1. Interesting…a fellow iron coder with a May 18th birthday. Did you realize our birthday happens to be the day Mt. Saint Helens erupted?

    — 23

  2. Son of a…

    As a participator in the original IC contenst (and late submitter) i’m chagrined to announce that you had to go and do this on the one week i couldn’t participate, and even then if I could find time during that week…I can’t participate because I’m flying half way around the world on that day!

    Blah! Alas. I wish all of the coders much luck and look forward to seeing what’s going on!

  3. I really would have no way of telling if you had ten people on your team.

    Have fun with it — if that means a team, go for it.

  4. Thanks Lucas. Two of us will enter as a team. We’re both relatively inexperienced, so it’ll be a good experience. Cheers.

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